Wiles launches 5th ‘Instrument’

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Wiles Memorial Singers continues to celebrate its unique history and Adventist legacy when it will launch its fifth album, ‘Make Us an Instrument’ at the Convention Center, in Port Vila Vanuatu on the 8th January, 2017. The entire event will be livestreamed, so fans from outside Port Vila and abroad may also have the opportunity […]

Late Norman Wiles receives another Family Tribute after 96 Years

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The sacrifice of Norman and Alma Wiles has long been a legend in the Australian and Vanuatu Mission history. The Wiles were one of the first few Christian missionaries ever to be sent to the notorious island of Malekula, especially the North Western part of the island. Malekula had the ungodly reputation of being the […]

Yamaha MOXF8

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Wiles Memorial Singers is blessed to have a new Keyboard; a Yamaha MOXF8. It is nearly a year since March 13, 2015 when devastating cyclone Pam completely wrote off Wiles’ Yamaha PSR 3000 keyboard. After much anticipation, researches and financial challenges, Wiles finally procured their much needed equipment to get the Ministry rolling again with […]

Wayne Bule

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Wiles Memorial Singers is pleased to introduce its newest member, Wayne Bule. We are blessed to have young Bule joined the group as a Bass Singer and 2nd Tenor. Wayne hails from the beautiful island of Pentecost. He grew up as a Seventh Day Adventist with a strong passion in preaching the Gospel through music […]

Wiles visit Layman on Ifira Island and a new iMac dedication

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Ifira is a special place, full of challenges, but has its humble beginnings dated back to the late Pastor Simon Karae’s days, when he would paddle across, with young Branan on the front of his canoe and conducted Sabbath services with only a few family members. Today, our interests in Ifira is gaining new heights. […]

Wiles contributes to Vanuatu Mission Session

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With less than two weeks before the Vanuatu Mission Session begins from the 27th – 30th of October 2015 on Aore Island, the Wiles Memorial Singers Gospel Music Ministry has made a financial contribution of Vt70,000 to the Vanuatu Mission on Wednesday, 14th of October 2015. This contribution was made to support this very important event that takes place […]

Ambassador congratulates group for attending Conference

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By Len Garae as Posted in Vanuatu Daily Post. The United States Ambassador to Papua New Guinea who is accredited to Vanuatu, Walter North sends his “congratulations” to the Wiles Singers and members of the faith, who are attending the week long global General Conference at San Antonio in Texas from July 2-11. General Conference President […]

Wiles goes on stage this Wednesday

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Local time here at San Antonio, TX: 11:21pm Monday night Thank you very much for your continued prayers. A few updates for the Wiles Memorial Singers: – 5th Album DVD shooting – we have completed 7 songs already, 3 to go. If all goes well, we should be done by Thursday this week – The […]

Complete list of Donations, Offerings & Collections for US Tour

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Wiles is humble to receive more donations from People within Port Vila and abroad. Here is a complete list. We will update this page accordingly as donations come in. As of July 1st, 2015; Yawha and Associates Computer World MP of Port Vila, Moana Carcasses David and Danielle Rogers from Australia Kerry and Carole Toepfer […]

Token of Support and Appreciation from Grandparents in Brisbane Australia

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Wiles Memorial Singers has received another unexpected but gracious surprise tonight, when seven year old Makayla Mia Edwin, walked into their practice session with an envelope in her right hand and offered it to group member, Graham Uzakana and shyly whispered, ‘this is just a little token of appreciation, a VT40,000 sponsorship for Wiles Memorial Singers, […]

Hon MP Moana Carcasses Kalosil Supports Wiles Memorial Singers!

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The news about Wiles Memorial Singers attending the General Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in San Antonio Texas, USA from the 2nd – 11th July, 2015 continues to make positive impact amongst the families, fans and leaders of the country. On Sunday, 31st May, 2015, the Honorable MP Moana Carcasses Kalosil of Port Vila […]

Computer World donation towards Wiles US Tour

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Wiles Memorial Singers is blessed to receive a kind donation from Computer World Vanuatu on May 28th, 2015. Computer World has donated 30,000VT towards Wiles US Tour. Mr Eyal Tendler from Computer World humbly smiled and said “Enjoy” in response to Wiles’ appreciation and thankfulness. You can find more information about Computer World on http://www.cw.vu or https://www.facebook.com/ComputerWorldVanuatu

Our Beloved Brother – Late Roy Norman

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Wiles Memorial Singers is sad to announce to all its fans and members that the only nephew of the pioneer missionary Norman Wiles, called Roy Norman, has passed to his rest on April 22, 2015. His only sister Zelma Edwards, writes from the US, acknowledging that it was an aneurysm and that no suffering was […]

Yawha and Associates Sponsorship towards Wiles US Tour

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Wiles Memorial Singers have received a cheque from Yawha and Associates this evening; a sponsorship of 70,000VT towards the US Tour. To God be the Glory! Wiles Memorial Singers thanked Mr & Mrs Yawha for the much needed Financial Assistance towards the group. Thank you tumas brother Yawha & Mrs Yawha for that financial contribution. God […]

Wiles meets South Pacific Division SDA President – Dr Barry Oliver

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Wiles had the privilege of meeting Dr Barry Oliver, President of the South Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church on Friday night, May 1 2015 at Saralana Park in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Here’s an excerpt of Dr Oliver’s profile from the SPD website “Our Leaders” page; Barry Oliver has served the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South […]

Clean up after Cyclone Pam

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A few weeks later after Cyclone Pam, the Wiles got together to do clean up and check their Sound system equipment. Every thing seemed to be in order except a few Speakers damaged by rain. Our only keyboard was completely damaged off by the flooding. The group is planning to procure a few equipment to […]

Kensly on Study Leave to New Zealand

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On February 15 2015, Wiles farewell Kensly Joses for his Study Leave to New Zealand. Group members and immediate family members wished him well for studies and promised to remember Kensly in prayers. Kensly will join the boys later in June this year for the San Antonio, USA Tour.

Roderick leaves for PNG

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WMS farewell Roderick Gairo as he heads back to PNG on February 10, 2015. Over the last few weeks, Roderick has been with the boys in the studio recording WMS 5th Album. Roderick’s tremendous contributions to the arrangements, styles, vocals and guitar work has raised the WMS 5th album to another level. Praise God! Here are […]

Wiles 5th Album recording in progress

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Wiles Memorial Singers is pleased to announce a new album to be launched in 2015! Here’s a few snippets of the past two days in the studio. We ‘Thank you’ for your prayers for this project.

Wiles farewells member Roderick Gairo

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The night of June 22nd 2014 was a time that will be remembered by the Wiles families for many, many years, but most importantly the singers of the Group, when the family gathered to farewell young and talented member musician, Roderick Gairo. The event was filled with lots of delicious food, laughter, emotion and tears […]

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