Wiles visit Layman on Ifira Island and a new iMac dedication

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Ifira is a special place, full of challenges, but has its humble beginnings dated back to the late Pastor Simon Karae’s days, when he would paddle across, with young Branan on the front of his canoe and conducted Sabbath services with only a few family members. Today, our interests in Ifira is gaining new heights. Each Sabbath, the branch Sabbath school is growing and counting in numbers and some of those regular attendees are children from our brethren from other existing denominations on the island. God is working great wonders and miracles on the island of Ifira. A special prayer request is made to all of us to continue to uphold the ministry of Layman Jeffrey and our church member families on the island of Ifira Tenuku.

Coming into Grand Hotel port

Coming into Grand Hotel port

On Thursday evening 12-Nov-15, four leading elders from Portoroki including Graham Uzakana (and Natalie, a visiting ADRA staff), all Wiles members, hopped into Matthew Aiong’s out-boat motor and crossed the Lapetasi strait to visit Layman Robert Jeffrey on the little island of Ifira Tenuku. The sun was just setting as the out-boat motor cut the smooth glassy sea towards the dark seashore lining of Ifira. Arriving on the island, the group was led by a young Kalsakau couple, up the dark dusty winding path, to the neighborhood where Layman Jeffrey lives. Here, the group was met and welcomed by the layman. They sat down, prayed and shared the word of God. Elder Richard Edwin shared from the book of Prophet Jeremiah about the plans God has for each one of us, plans for prosperity and plans to hasten God’s kingdom in this world. Elder Rexley assured Layman Jeffery that his home is like a beacon of light on Ifira, a light that is shed on a hilltop cannot be hidden. “May the people of Ifira, know that a man of God lives in this little humble home,” stated Elder Shem. The visiting team delivered some household goods and food supplies to support the layman and his family. A special donation from Portoroki church and the Wiles Music Ministry was also handed to the layman by the head elder of Portoroki. Layman Jeffrey expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Church and Wiles Ministry for the timely visit.

With Layman

With Layman

After the Visitation, the Wiles members went back for a Practice session then dedicated a new 27 inch 5K iMac for the group’s multimedia Production purposes. Wiles Memorial Singers praised God for this new equipment and extends their Thank you to the fans and Church members for continuous Prayers and moral support to the ministry.


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  1. Natalie says:

    Exciting news to hear but it was even more fun being a part of it, especially walk through the island in the dark to get to the layman’s house, seeing the need that is in the community. Loved it! Thanks team!

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