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Wiles Memorial Singers is pleased to introduce its newest member, Wayne Bule. We are blessed to have young Bule joined the group as a Bass Singer and 2nd Tenor.

Wayne hails from the beautiful island of Pentecost. He grew up as a Seventh Day Adventist with a strong passion in preaching the Gospel through music and singing.
As he was growing up, Wayne realized that God had blessed him with a special talent.“I was brought up in a home where acapella singing was always our favorite. I began stepping out with my father singing bass and performing in several singing groups.”

In 2012, Wayne joined the Vanuatu Advent Herald Mass Choir (VAHMC) in Port Vila, as one of their key bass singers, a part he adores very much. During his time with the VAHMC, he was introduced to reading music. In 2014, due to his burning interests in music, Wayne went through a series of music classes, which now enabled him to read music very fluently.

Wayne is currently an active youth member of the Portoroki SDA Church in Port Vila, where Wiles Memorial Singers are also members and leaders of the Church. He loves the Wiles Music Ministry and stated that, “I have been interested in this singing ministry since I saw them performing for the first time. In 2016, I was welcomed by the Wiles Memorial Singers to be part of the group in preaching the Gospel through music, as I always believed.”

We welcome Wayne Bule to Wiles Music Ministry!

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