Endless Love DVD

Wiles 4th DVD

Wiles 4th DVD

Price: $20.00


Wiles Memorial Singers celebrates its rich history and legacy with the launching of the Endless Love DVD, captured in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane Australia. This Album presents a typically enthralling and moving performance of ten original songs that have been carefully composed to adore  and exalt all praises to our God. It is our earnest prayer that these songs will inspire and motivate you to harness a stronger loving relationship with our Lord and Saviour. Come, join the Wiles, experience the power of His Endless Love!

Song List

  1. Heaven it Won’t be Long
  2. Shelter of Your Arms
  3. For the Sake of the Call
  4. Lord Tekem Hand Blo Mi
  5. Endless Love
  6. Nogara De (PNG Domara Dialect)
  7. Come to Me
  8. Gift of Hope
  9. Mi Nidim Yu Lord Jisas
  10. Jesus Will be With You

Bonus Features

  1. Brisbane Tour Highlights
  2. Charlie Bobongie – I Believe
  3. Stories of Alma Wiles
  4. Bloopers – The Making of Endless Love