Rodney Philemon

Rodney was born and raised in Luganville, Santo Vanuatu. Rodney loves music, and started singing with his family at their local church at about the age of 6.

In 1996, he joined the Joy Bells Singers as their Drums player on the keyboard. In 2002, Rodney moved to Port Vila and established himself with the Wiles Memorial Singers as their Keyboard player, one of their music Composers and Sound Tracks Programmer. In 2006, while doing his BSc (CS/IS Major) in USP, Fiji, Rodney conducted the St. Joseph Secondary School Girls’ Choir in three concerts, took music leading roles in various Graduation Choir performances and was also part of the mix Pacific Choir, Malaga in Fiji.

Rodney married the love of his life, Jenneth, in 2009. They are blessed with a baby daughter, Rowanne Philemon on April 14, 2013.