Mid Night Cry

Mid Night Cry CD  
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Indebtedness for your bravery, courageous and pioneering sacrifice in the most savage and notorious cannibal areas of Northwest Malekula. In so doing, you turned men of darkness into mighty preachers! The legacy you cultivated 80 years ago still lives on in the lives of many young people today and Wiles Memorial Singers is proud to be part of this heritage. To show our gratitude to your service, we dedicate this Tribute Song: “This Song is my Tribute to you – Norman Wiles”

Song List

  1. Tribute Song
  2. I Give You Praise
  3. You Ask Me
  4. God Loves Them More
  5. At The Well
  6. Holy Holy
  7. Feeling Better
  8. Gentle Hands
  9. Bringing Them to You
  10. Thank You For the Cross
  11. Home Sick
  12. Only Jesus
  13. The Midnight Cry